It all started out over 25 plus years ago when current owners Karen Voss-Skaife and Jim Skaife  took their honeymoon over to the Hawaiin Islands. They always enjoyed the incredible friendly local people and the relaxed atmosphere.

Karen and Jim who love to entertain friends with good food and drink, and provide a fun relaxing  atmosphere, said "What better place to start up a restaurant, than some location in Hawaii".

Karen being an executive chef and Jim an IT technical person by trade combined their skills and made the plans to fulfill their dream. They came across this beautiful hot spot in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii and are here today with the opening of  "Banjy's Paradise Bar & Grill" to provide what they always wanted to "Entertaining friends with great food and drink in a relaxing fun atmosphere" 

Oh by the way, if you are curious how the restaurant was named "Banjy's", you will need to come on down and visit us for the real talk story!

Mahalo for joining us,

Jim and Karen Skaife, and Banjy (hint)

Phone (808) 883 3853

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